Here’s How Our Ancient Warriors Dealt With PTSD

African suction cup. Photo: Twitter/African Hub


Although the general public is aware of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and has a basic understanding of what it is, there was a risk that its meaning would be used and interpreted as a blanket diagnosis to cover a variety of mental health conditions associated with people who have experienced or witnessed traumatic events in the past. Soldiers and first responders may suffer from PTSD, among other invisible wounds or injuries, as a direct result of the nature of their service.

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can cause debilitating symptoms. As a result of PTSD symptoms, your relationships, employment, physical health, and mental health may all suffer. You may feel lonely and struggle with emotion regulation or expression.


When soldiers returned from battle, ancient cultures knew how to assist them better than we did, and many of them had rituals to help mend these ruptures. In ancient Rome, for example, when soldiers returned from battle, the vestal virgins bathed them to cleanse them of corruption.

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The Maasai of East Africa performed purification rites when their warriors returned home. Native Americans used sweat lodges to cleanse returning warriors by allowing them to share their experiences and leave their “inner pollution” among the hot stones, where it would evaporate into steam and cleanse the warrior. It was different in some parts of Africa.

Our forefathers were said to have developed a sophisticated method of dealing with PTSD. To be accepted back into society after the war, it was thought that a man needed to spend three months with a shaman performing spiritual cleansing. According to legend, the human spirit was out of balance after the war and required certain rituals to be restored to balance with the rest of nature and the community.

Using a horn, blood that had become sluggish and dysfunctional was brought to the surface. The colonizers dubbed it the African suction cup. This practice is still practiced in many African villages. Blood is drained from someone who has back pain and hypertension, and their blood pressure drops. They are given herbs and water to drink; this is the ultimate bliss because it is said to be beneficial.

According to The African Hub, this is one of the rites performed on African warriors to cleanse them of any mental illness or trauma that they may have encountered after the conflict. This method was used by Africans for a long time before it was allegedly declared a Chinese invention, according to the outlet.



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