Heartbreaking Moment Gaza Doctor Finds Husband’s Body Among Dead Brought to Al-Shifa Hospital

A video depicts the heartbreaking moment a Palestinian doctor discovered her husband’s body among the dead at the hospital where she works.

Footage uploaded on social media shows the woman fleeing outside the hospital after learning of her husband’s death.

The footage was shot on Monday, October 9 at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza by Palestinian journalist Hani Aburezeq.

According to reports, the woman was assisting Palestinian patients who had been injured in Israeli airstrikes when she learned her husband had died in the hospital.

‘My husband was martyred,’ she can be heard yelling in horror as another woman embraces her.


It is one of the most heartbreaking videos to have surfaced on the internet since Israel began shelling the Gaza Strip.


Entire neighborhoods have been destroyed, with residential buildings reduced to rubble. Israel’s retaliation follows a surprise attack on Israel by Hamas militants on Saturday, in which hundreds of Israelis were kidnapped and killed.


According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, over 700 Palestinians have been murdered in Gaza since Saturday, with at least 91 of them being minors.


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