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Heartbreaking Audio of Obama Chef’s Final Moments Released in Secret Service Agent’s 911 Call

Heartbreaking Audio of Obama Chef's Final Moments Released in Secret Service Agent's 911 Call

Tafari Campbell, Obama’s cook, was killed in the final moments of his life, according to newly leaked 911 calls. A Secret Service agent, apparently shaken, reported that the Obama family’s cook had gone missing after falling off his paddleboard near the former president’s Martha’s Vineyard home.

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Campbell perished at the back of the property after falling off his paddleboard into the Edgartown Great Pond. He was immersed for an entire day.

According to the New York Post, Dave, the Secret Service agent, alerted a dispatcher that their rescue swimmers were currently attempting to reach the location in issue. Dave called 911 at 7:46 p.m. to report that rescuers, including a swimmer and another agent, were boarding a boat to reach Campbell, who had fallen into the sea.

The rescuers were not present during the drowning tragedy but were notified by an unidentified individual who ran to their command with the tragic news. A person hurried to their location, notifying Dave that a male house visitor was drowning. When a dispatcher asked Dave if they needed an ambulance or water rescue assistance, he paused for a few seconds, expressing his concern about the situation in the back of the property.

Dave urged that, at the very least, an ambulance be dispatched, but he stated that he needed to call 911 again on a different line for further conversation. He said that information was not currently being given over the radio.

Before hanging up, the dispatcher gives Dave a phone number and asks for a description of the missing individual. Dave comes again a few minutes later, sounding more agitated, and notifies the dispatcher that their rescue swimmers were unable to locate the reported drowning individual. Despite their attempts in the water, they had no idea where the man was at the time.

A different dispatcher requests a thorough description of what Campbell, the missing person, was wearing. Dave, phoning from the Secret Service’s command post, is overheard on the radio coordinating with team members on the beach before describing the personal chef.

Dave characterized Campbell as a man in his forties, of average build, dressed entirely in black, and riding a paddleboard. The agent mentioned that their rescue swimmers were nearby. Dave talked with the crew twice more to clarify that Campbell’s paddleboard had been discovered but that he was not wearing a life jacket at the time of the event.

Campbell’s body was discovered the next day in 8 feet of water, just 100 feet from the Obama residence. The medical examiner found that the official cause of death was unintentional drowning, with submersion in a body of water being the cause.

Since the accident in July, information has been scarce, and the Massachusetts State Police has requested that the identities of witnesses and USSS agents be redacted from public reports.

Campbell, originally from Dumfries, Virginia, formerly worked as a sous chef at the White House, beginning under President George W. Bush and continuing through President Obama’s two terms. Later, the Obamas invited him to leave the White House and become their personal chef.

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