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Hamida Dakane: 8 Things To Know About The First Somali Woman Elected Into North Dakota State House of Representatives

Hamida<a href=httpshowafricacom> <a>Dakane<a href=httpshowafricacom> <a>stands in the Al Hamdi Restaurant on Wednesday Nov 9 2022 in south Fargo Photo credit Michael VosburgThe Forum


Hamida Dakane, who was previously only known in her home state of North Dakota, has made history and international headlines after winning the November general elections.

Prior to her political victory, she was a community organizer who was inspired to pursue her dream of providing social assistance to others. She is constantly involved in issues relating to immigrants, social reform, child care, and religious tolerance.

Hamida actively participated in the cleanup effort of the mosque in Moorhead after it was vandalized in 2021.

She once said, “I am a Muslim and I am Black. It is very important for me personally and my religion. There are young girls looking up to us, and it is good for them to see that even with my head covered, you can still do your job.”

“There are a lot of things in Islam that doesn’t align with Democrats, but that doesn’t apply to the community. I am not representing a Muslim state. It is to let the young immigrants in our community know that although they came from somewhere, this is their home.”

Political Journey


Dakane, who was born in the Somali region of northeastern Kenya, came to the United States on a student visa in 2011. Hamida was always interested in politics growing up in Kenya. She was inspired by the election of Democrat Heidi Heitkamp to the United States Senate.

She ran for her first political office in 2020, but lost out on a seat in District 16 before the redistricting by the 67th Legislative Assembly in November 2021.

In November 2022, she ran for a Democratic Party seat in the North Dakota House of Representatives to represent District 10. She was elected with 31.8% of the valid votes cast. Hamida was sworn in on December 1, 2022. Her appointment will last two years, from December 1, 2022 to December 1, 2024.

Throughout her campaign, she stood firm on these issues that endeared her to voters.

“The healthiest communities are the ones that work together – I will bring the spirit of cooperation as Representative of District 10.

“I will address concerns unique to my district. We need to fight against skyrocketing rent costs and expand access to childcare for our residents.

“We must also invest in Head Start and make it affordable and accessible. Children should have access to Head Start through our public schools from an early age.”

“Over the past decade, I have helped create positive change for our community. I am proud of the work I’ve accomplished, and I’m ready to bring that work to Bismarck. The people of District 10 deserve a leader who will fight for them and make their voices heard in our state legislature.”

Ten Things to Know About Hamida Dakane

  1. Member of North Dakota State House of Representatives.
  2. Hamida was born in northeastern Kenya’s Somali region and moved to the USA in 2011.
  3. She chaired the Black Student Association while studying bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management and International Studies at North Dakota State University.
  4. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Mary.
  5. In 2018, she got appointed to the Fargo Human Relations Commission, where she served as Commissioner.
  6. She is a YCWA Woman of the Year Award Winner.
  7. She is a Fargo Human Rights Award Winner.
  8. She is a Social Reformer.

Hukun Dabar, Executive Director of the Afro-American Development Association, said, “Dakane’s win has opened a door for all of us.”




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