Grace Moore: Rugby Star Took to Social Media to Ask for Help in Funding 2 Pairs of Boots

Grace Moore, 27, who plays for Saracens Women and represents the Irish women’s national rugby team, recently resorted to social media to seek a boot sponsor.

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Moore, a UK resident, issued an online appeal for help, asking for £400 ($495) to purchase two pairs of boots for the forthcoming season. Her Saracens Women teammate also stated that she required financial assistance in order to secure a kit for the forthcoming season.

Moore, a Saracens Women’s rugby player, said that she had acquired a sponsor after her online plea for a boot sponsor received nearly 800,000 views. According to the Daily Mail, her teammate Sydney Gregson stated that she, too, is having difficulty affording boots.

Many on social media were surprised by the athletes’ appeals, questioning how players at the top level, like as an Irish international like Moore, could experience issues obtaining vital equipment.

One commenter especially asked why Irish Rugby’s huge money wasn’t meeting such fundamental necessities. Another said it “should never have come to this.” A third individual critiqued the scenario, expressing surprise that someone with Moore’s talents and expertise had to seek assistance, signaling dissatisfaction with the quality of the game.

Moore expressed gratitude to individuals who shared and replied to her post’s popularity, which even prompted a TikTok campaign. She also expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support, revealing that she had successfully acquired a sponsor, and thanked the Twitter community.

Moore plays back row for Saracens Women in the Premiership Women’s Rugby League, the top category in the United Kingdom.

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