First-Grade Teacher’s Mock Vacation to Mexico for Students Becomes a Reality Thanks to Airline

Mrs. Sonja White and her first-grade children were surprised with a free field trip by Southwest Airlines. In a video that rapidly went viral, White converted her classroom into a faux Southwest airline and ‘flew’ her children to Mexico.

Employees and management from the airlines mentioned in the film, according to a statement, applauded White’s dedication to encouraging her students. Southwest Airlines began preparing a genuine field trip for her students to visit the corporation after contacting White.

As the first-graders’ buses arrived, First Officer Tayvon Snowden and other staff members greeted and welcomed them. At the Dallas Maintenance Center, where their field trip began, they learnt about numerous aspects of airplane maintenance and operation.

Following that, the pupils boarded a Southwest Boeing 737 MAX 8, which was their first flight. After being greeted by a few flight attendants, they enjoyed a snack on board.

Captain Nancy, a Southwest Pilot who has long been involved in the airline’s unique Adopt-A-Pilot program, taught kids about aviation and Southwest Airlines. The party took photos in front of the plane and got to see planes take off from the Dallas (Love Field) hangar.

The pupils then went to Southwest Headquarters, where the crew surprised the first-grade teachers and principal with two round-trip tickets to anywhere Southwest flies as a thank-you for their support of the children.

Southwest employees also planned a celebration for the students, replete with a mariachi band and Mexican food for lunch, because White pretended to take her class to Mexico.

Meanwhile, White went on the Jennifer Hudson Show, and Southwest recognized her commitment to teaching children by providing $10,000 to her school.

During the conversation, White disclosed that Southwest had invited all seventy of her school’s first-graders to a field trip to the Corporate Campus in Dallas, Texas.

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