Ghana’s Football Star, Christian Atsu Was Battling Divorce Before His Demise – Reports

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According to reports, Christian Atsu Twasam, the late footballer, was going through a divorce at the time of his untimely demise.

Christian Atsu was killed in Turkey a week ago after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake killed over 40,000 people and injured thousands more.

According to rumors, Atsu and his wife had been separated for some time before the Turkish earthquake stole his life.


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Christian Atsu’s wife allegedly wrote a book named “Stop Bullying Me” in 2021, which became one of the most popular books on Amazon, although it was believed that Atsu did not share or support his wife’s effort.

Unfortunately, in the closing phases of his contract at Newcastle, Atsu’s 12-year marriage with his German wife, Marie-Clarie, began to deteriorate.

When his mother-in-law moved in with them in the UK somewhere in 2021, Atsu’s marital issues began. As a result of the wife’s increased focus on the mother, Atsu felt isolated at home. “He finds it difficult to play with his children at times since his mother-in-law has taken charge of everything in the home,” a source informed

‘Atsu was enraged to the core at this. So, in order for them to continue living their private lives, he instructed the wife to politely request that her mother relocates to Germany.”

”His wife objected to the idea because she believed the player didn’t want her mother to live with them, which is how their marital issues began”.

”Atsu was fervently looking for a new club at that time because he only had two months left on his contract with Newcastle.”

The source also added: ”At this point, a well-known Ghanaian football agent managed to get him a club in Turkey, but the player was not interested in working there.

”Atsu then moved to Saudi Arabia and signed for Al Raed after failing to find a club in Europe. Due to a long-standing disagreement [with the wife] before he left for Saudi Arabia, the wife then used his absence to push for a divorce.

”He took the decision to return to Ghana due to injuries and a dip in form in Saudi Arabia. He considered hanging up his boots but before that, he had plans to play for his boyhood team, Hearts of Oak, even if only for a season.”

‘At that point, he chose to shift his career objectives and also required money to fund a slew of unfinished projects in Ghana.

‘He then decided to postpone his ambitions to wear the Rainbow shirt in order to secure a lucrative new contract with another European organization.

‘Hatayaspor was his only option, so he relocated to Turkey. Remember that before heading to Saudi Arabia, he turned down a lucrative offer from an obscure Turkish team in order to finish his career with Hearts of Oak.”

‘If the divorce hadn’t started, Atsu would have gone to Ghana and played in the Ghana Premier League.”


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