Ghanaians Angry Over Meek Mill’s Music Video Shot At The Presidency

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American rapper Meek Mill is currently trending on social media after a teaser of his yet-to-be-released music video showed scenes of him at different places at Ghana’s presidency.

The rapper had on late Sunday, January 8, 2023; posted an Instagram reel announcing that he was set to release a new track, local media reported.

In the short video, Meek Mill is seen in different places at the presidency known as the Jubilee House, from the frontage, through the main corridors, in the main conference hall – at a point positioned behind the presidential lectern – and later in a sitting area rapping.

Meek Mill was in Ghana in December to perform at the just-ended Afro-Nation concert over the Christmas holidays.

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However, it seems Ghanaians are not happy with the location of his video shoot as many have dragged the president and the rapper on Twitter.

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Following the heat from social media, the philanthropist is reported to have deleted the controversial video.

Some of the major highlights of his time in Ghana were a rough riding power bike session, claims of his phone having been pickpocketed at an event, fighting off hoodlums before getting on stage to perform and meeting with the president at Jubilee House.



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