Ghanaian Scholar Anthony Baidoo Achieves PhD Milestone in Remarkable 30 Months

Dr. Anthony Baidoo of the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) Department of Forest Science just completed his doctorate in two years and six months, making waves in his field.

Baidoo’s PhD at AgroParisTech, France, will end in March 2024, according to UENR. He successfully defended his thesis, “Forest Politics in the Context of Global China: Essays on Chinese Presence in Ghana’s Rosewood Sector,” which is on international forest policy and has earned worldwide acclaim. The thesis explores the complex dynamics of forest governance among global actors, including China.

The quickness with which he accomplished his feat just adds to its impressiveness. He accomplished this by working tirelessly from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. every day for six months in the beginning of his school journey.

His investigation demonstrated perseverance and led to a breakthrough knowledge of Ghana’s rosewood trade and its links with other countries, particularly China.

The scholar’s study has resulted in five global publications, including articles in prestigious journals such as Geoforum (Elsevier), Taylor and Francis, and World Development Sustainability (Elsevier). Two other publications are now in the works.

Baidoo, a major voice in forest administration, has strengthened his profile by presenting his work at twelve international academic conferences in six different countries.

Baidoo’s thesis defense was reviewed by reputable academics from Ghana, the Netherlands, Ecuador, the US, and France, highlighting the research’s global significance.

After a successful defense, Dr. Baidoo was taken to take the doctoral oath following his doctoral school’s protocols.

In light of his accomplishment, Dr. Baidoo expressed gratitude to God Almighty for guiding and strengthening him. He insisted that others pursue their passions with unwavering persistence, emphasizing the importance of dedication and commitment to achieving one’s goals.

The UENR administration expressed gratitude and recognized his exceptional achievement upon his return.

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