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Germany Suspends Financial Aid, Development Cooperation With Niger

Protesters cheer Nigerien troops as they gather in front of the French Embassy in Niamey during a demonstration that followed a rally in support of Niger’s junta in Niamey on July 30, 2023.(Photo by AFP)

Following last week’s coup, Germany said it had suspended financial help to Niger as well as development collaboration, and warned that it could take further actions.

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Berlin has “suspended all direct support payments to the central government of Niger until further notice,” a foreign ministry spokesman told a press briefing.

“Depending on developments in the coming days, we may take further measures,” the spokesman added, without giving further details.

The development ministry had also decided to “suspend bilateral development cooperation,” a spokeswoman told the briefing.

At the weekend, the European Union and former colonial power France stopped financial help to Niger as well as security cooperation.

The German military has approximately 100 troops stationed in Niger, as well as a significant air transport and logistics base in the city Niamey, which is contributing to Berlin’s manpower departure from neighboring Mali.

Following the UN’s decision to stop a peacekeeping operation in Mali, Germany is withdrawing its troops.

According to a defense ministry spokeswoman, operations at the base have been paused, but “the threat situation has not changed” since the putsch, and staff are safe.

There are presently no plans to withdraw Germans from Niger, according to the foreign ministry.

Niger’s elected president and Western friend, Mohamed Bazoum, has been detained by the military since last Wednesday, the third coup in the Sahel in as many years.

General Abdourahamane Tchiani, the formidable presidential guard’s commander, has declared himself president. African leaders offered the junta one week to relinquish power or face the use of force.

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