From Failed Ventures to Real Housewives of Nairobi Producer: Inspiring Story of Eugene Mbugua

Eugene Mbugua is a Kenyan entrepreneur responsible for the success of The Real Housewives of Nairobi. During his high school years, he began his entrepreneurial journey by working at a student-owned canteen that served break food.

He became a stockholder in the company and offered elegantly painted envelopes to fellow students for sending letters to loves at different boarding schools.

After high school, he pursued his passion for entrepreneurship by selling counterfeit DVDs while at university.

“I also tried my hand in different businesses varying from event management to a tour company; they all failed,” Mbugua, in an interview with Forbes Africa, said.

However, his first experience with filmmaking after graduating from high school would prove to be his turning point. His cousin had taken him to a film set after high school, and it sparked a desire in him that would transform his life for the better.

As a result, he studied television production at university while also managing his small enterprises and dreams of one day launching his own television show.

A month before graduation, he produced his first television show, which was purchased by a local channel. Young Rich, a 2013 business show on the meteoric ascent of young entrepreneurs, quickly became a favorite among TV viewers.

“That was our first milestone: the premiere of our first TV show, Young Rich, in 2013. “It laid the groundwork for everything that followed,” Mbugua remarked.

The Kenyan entrepreneur and his crew at D&R Studios produced over 20 television episodes, gaining recognition in Kenya’s media sector.

Through agreements with Showmax and NBCUniversal, Mbugua and his team’s most recent hit, The Real Housewives of Nairobi, is attracting viewers from all over the world, not only Kenya. The reality show follows important women as they navigate relationships, professions, and luxury living.

Mbugua not only produces TV series but also works in the beauty sector. He recently collaborated with media star Betty Kyallo to establish the Unapologetic cosmetics collection.

Mbugua advises young prospective entrepreneurs to start where they are and swiftly embrace new technology. In a quickly changing media world, early adopters are well compensated.”



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