French Entrepreneur Sue Nabi Loses $28.5 Million From Coty Stake

Sue Youcef Nabi, an Algerian-born French entrepreneur and business leader, has seen a large reduction in the market value of her position in Coty Inc. over the last 23 days, coinciding with a recent decline in the cosmetics company’s shares on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Sue Nabi’s investment in Coty has decreased by $28.49 million, showing decreased buying interest in Coty among NYSE investors. This adds to Nabi’s prior losses, as her shareholding fell by $33.6 million from May 3 to 22, from $351.5 million on May 3 to $317.9 million as of this report.

Coty Inc., an American international cosmetic corporation founded in 1904 by François Coty, has emerged as a global fragrance market leader. It has the second-largest market share for hair color and style products and ranks third in color cosmetics.

Coty creates, manufactures, promotes, and distributes a diverse line of beauty goods, including fragrances, skincare, nail care, and professional and retail hair care. In 2018, the company owned roughly 77 brands.

Coty’s NYSE shares have dropped by 8.78 percent, from $10.71 on May 28 to $9.77 as of this report, bringing the company’s market capitalization below $8.5 billion.

Nabi, who also founded the vegan skincare line Orveda, owns a huge 3.53 percent interest in Coty, equivalent to 30,304,786 shares worth approximately $300 million. With the recent drop in the group’s share price, the market value of Nabi’s interest has decreased by $28.49 million, from $324.56 million on May 28 to $296.08 million.

Despite the decrease, Sue Nabi remains an important figure in the beauty sector. As CEO of Coty, her imaginative leadership continues to have a tremendous impact on the global beauty industry. She is also one of the world’s wealthiest African-born business executives.

Coty shares have fallen sharply this year, resulting in huge losses for individual investors. Coty’s NYSE shares are down 21.34 percent year to date.

As a result, a $100,000 investment in Coty Inc. at the start of the year is now worth $78,668, resulting in a $21,332 loss.

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