Flying Cars Are Coming In Few Years – Doroni Aerospace CEO

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Doron Merdinger, CEO of Doroni Aerospace Inc., has stated that his company may release flying automobiles within the next two years, since it is now testing its flagship project in Florida.


Their vehicle is appropriately titled the Doroni H1, a two-seater that can cruise several hundred feet above the earth using joysticks rather than a steering wheel. Doron claims that the future whip can be useful in a variety of situations.


Doron also stated that he and his team are doing all necessary to ensure that the car is worth the price tag that has been placed on it.


This comes after President Joe Biden requested a $27.2 billion budget for NASA last week, with some of the cash going toward testing flying automobiles. Doron’s company is one of many collaborating with NASA to create a future in the skies.

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