First Ever Black-Owned Barbershop College in Toledo, Ohio Opens


Aspiring business owners in the haircare sector can now enroll at Toledo, Ohio’s first Black-owned barber school, T.O.L. Barber College. Antwan Turner, the shop’s owner and a barber himself, hopes that it would motivate his students to live better lives.

Turner has worked as a hair stylist for the most of his adult life. By starting his own barber school, he reasoned that he might also assist others in learning the trade. He added that his barber school provides more than just instruction in hair care. He hopes to make sure that it may be used as a springboard to a better future.

“Not only is this a college — a school of barbering — but, in the barber world, we talk about everything. So, this school is geared towards that too,” Turner told WTOL.


The school currently has 16 kids, and Turner is quite proud of their outstanding development. He said that around 80% of the pupils had no prior expertise when they initially arrived, but after receiving regular instruction from licensed barbers, they had made notable progress. In addition to learning how to become barbers, they also received entrepreneurial training.

Moreover, Turner hopes the facility will serve as a catalyst for positive change and create a better neighborhood. Turner was unhappy by the recent spate of gun violence involving youngsters in Toledo.

“If they want to help themselves, or they’re tired of the riff-raff that they’re going through, they can come on out of it and come talk to me. We can get you enrolled,” Turner said. “The knowledge I’m giving and resources I’m giving are worth more than money.”

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