FFP Report: 10 Most Stable African Countries in 2023

The Fund for Peace (FFP) unveiled the least fragile African countries in 2023 in its 2023 Fragile States Index report.

The Fragile States Index assesses vulnerability in three scenarios: pre-conflict, active conflict, and post-conflict, and it includes twelve conflict risk indicators. These indicators assess a state’s condition by taking into account factors such as the security apparatus, factionalized elites, economic decline, uneven economic development, human flight and brain drain, state legitimacy, human rights and the rule of law, demographic pressures, refugees and internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), and external intervention.

The Fund for Peace (FFP) has been a world pioneer in providing practical instruments and methods to conflict resolution for over 60 years. It has programmatic expertise in over 40 countries, with an emphasis on conflict prevention, peacebuilding, and long-term development.

According to the Fund for Peace, the following are the ten most stable African countries in 2023:

4Cape Verde60.1
6 Ghana62.3
10\São Tomé and Príncipe69.7

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