Diddy Relinquishes Revolt TV Ownership as Mystery Buyer Steps In

Revolt TV, a cable music channel founded by Sean “P Diddy” Combs, was launched about a decade ago. He referred to it at the time as the “first channel of the social media age.” He also stated that the channel will fill the void left by MTV’s discontinuation of music video programming.

“I would say this journey started me for seven years ago when MTV stopped playing music and that had huge impact on the future of music,” he said, according to The Guardian. “The music started to become safe. We didn’t have the experience I had when I grew up, whether it be Led Zeppelin or Janice Joplin. There was no longer a platform for music artists to trust with their creativity.

“There was also no place that was covering music in the way that if you follow sports you go to ESPN, or like CNN with news, but with music you were just thrown into the abyss. We will cover music in a journalistic way, covering it in a way in that it has not been covered before, and we will celebrate creative and cinematography.”

Today, the musician-turned-entrepreneur is no longer in charge of Revolt TV. Diddy has reportedly sold all his shares in the company he founded with Andy Schuon in 2013.

TMZ reported, citing sources close to the musician, that he sold all of his shares to an interested bidder for an unknown sum. Despite the transaction, the platform stated that the company will remain black-owned, preserving its initial link and commitment to advancing the culture.

“…we’re told the new boss wishes to remain anonymous for the time being. With that said, our sources say they share a deep passion for black culture … and they plan on publicly making a formal introduction in the coming weeks,” TMZ reported.

The sale of the company comes months after Diddy stepped down as the network’s chairman. His last stated command was to be told of the transaction, which occurred this week.

Despite the sale, Revolt’s CEO, Detavio Samuels, and Chief Brand Officer, Deon Graham, will continue in their existing roles and help the owner. According to TMZ, there would be no big changes in employment or production for Revolt TV staffers. However, the new proprietors would eventually apply their own ideas.

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