Danielle Brooks, Oscar Nominee, Touched by Ancestor’s Union Army Service as a Freed Slave

Oscar nominee Danielle Brooks was emotionally moved when she discovered that her ancestor, Dolphin, was a member of the regiment that fought for the Union Army after obtaining freedom from slavery. Brooks felt empowered and surprised after finding this revelation on the genealogy show “Finding Your Roots.”

Dolphin, born into slavery in Tennessee, encountered great obstacles on his way to join the Union Army after obtaining his freedom. Fighting for the cause that gave him freedom demonstrates courage and reflects the overwhelming desire for liberty among many slaves at the time.

The host of “Finding Your Roots,” Henry Louis Gates Jr., echoed Brooks’ comments, emphasizing the significance of Dolphin’s deeds as stories of tenacity, determination, and the never-ending desire of freedom that must be told.

Brooks’ family history exemplifies tenacity and survival, as her maternal ancestors, Frazier and Susan Sharp, maintained family togetherness during the racial upheaval of the Civil War, according to the episode.

This heritage of fortitude and perseverance has had a great impact on Brooks’ personal life and work.

Brooks reflected on her background, saying, “It’s a reminder of where I come from and the incredible strength of my ancestors.”

Brooks, who is now nominated for an Academy Award for her portrayal in the musical film adaption of “The Color Purple,” has received numerous awards during her career.

She is on the verge of earning EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) status, with nominations for Emmy Awards in 2021 and 2023, a Grammy Award in 2017 (which she won), and a Tony Award in 2016.

Brooks’ continuous success in the entertainment world is supplemented by a deep connection to her ancestor Dolphin, who represents the perseverance and determination entrenched in her heritage.

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