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Connecticut Woman Gives Birth On Flight To Dominican Republic

Image Credit: WFSB


A pregnant Connecticut woman who was six weeks pregnant unexpectedly gave birth to her son on a flight to the Dominican Republic in September. Kendria Rhoden told WFSB that she was sleeping on the plane when her son decided it was time to be welcomed into the world.

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“Everything happened so fast, everything happened so fast,” Rhoden recalled. “I was sleeping when I felt someone kick me in the stomach, and then my water broke.”

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Nurses on board the flight eventually assisted Rhoden. Her delivery, on the other hand, was quick. “They said, ‘Oh, don’t push, don’t push because we don’t see any heads,'” Rhoden recalled. “I’m like, ‘the babies [sic] are on their way!'”


Rhoden chose the name Skylen to represent her son’s unexpected birthplace. The mother and son ended up staying in the Dominican Republic for a few weeks after his birth. They did, however, encounter some setbacks. They eventually returned to America, where Skylen was evaluated at a hospital.


“I feel good now because I’m home and he’s safe; he’s exactly where he needs to be right now,” Rhoden said. “I’d say I’m happier here than I was in the Dominican Republic.”


Skylen’s passport stated that he was born “in the air.”



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