Comedian Mike Epps Under Investigation For Loaded Gun Seized At Indianapolis Airport

Mike Epps under investigation for loaded gun seized at airport

Mike Epps, a comedian, is being investigated after a loaded gun was discovered in one of his luggage at an Indianapolis airport.

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According to TMZ, police responded to a guns investigation at the Indianapolis Airport on Sunday, March 5, after being warned about the loaded gun discovered in Epps’ suitcase at a checkpoint.


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According to the legal filings, the comedian acknowledged was in town for a gig and forgot the piece was in his bag. Following an inquiry, officers discovered a.38 Special Airweight with four bullets loaded but none in the chamber.


The gun and ammunition were taken as evidence. Epps was not detained, according to Indianapolis Airport police, but the case was given to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office to assess whether charges should be brought.

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