Apple is Reportedly Working on a Diabetes Monitor that Alerts Those Who Are Pre-diabetic

According to Bloomberg, Apple has made “significant progress” in developing a non-pricking blood glucose meter for the Apple Watch. According to those familiar with Apple’s initiative, it is in the proof-of-concept stage, and the corporation is working to convert the technology from a tabletop device to a wearable gadget.


“What Apple wants to do is build a system that uses chips, sensors, and software algorithms built into the Apple Watch to get a read on how much glucose you have in your blood without requiring a blood sample,” Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed of the blood glucose monitor in development.


Based on the outlet’s speculation so far, optical spectroscopy and silicon photonics are the technology that Apple is working on.

“This means that the technology will use a chip that can output lasers into your skin…and sensors that could read the concentration of light in your skin to know how much glucose is there in order to get that reading,” Gurman said.

In addition to making it easier for people to track their blood glucose levels, Bloomberg experts said that revolutionary technology like this will notify those who are pre-diabetic, increasing the possibility of Type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes prevention.

Apple, known for its secrecy, has yet to comment on the technology.

According to the source, Apple’s work in progress began in 2010 when the late Steve Jobs had his company acquire RareLight. It is a “medical device that attempts non-invasive glucose testing,” according to Crunchbase.

Apple apparently operated under a separate firm, Avolonte Health, but integrated it into the previously undisclosed Exploratory Design Group.


RareLight’s founder, Bob Messerschmidt, told Bloomberg that the future monitor would not have been conceivable if Apple had not purchased his innovation in 2010.

Although progress has been made on the functionality, the outlet reports that Apple will still be unable to officially launch the smartphone for several years.

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