California Single Dad-of-Six Who Cycled 16 Miles To Work Daily Gifted With A Car

When the family’s automobile broke down in an accident, the father of six had little choice but to ride for hours to work. Isaac Taylor rode his bike 16 miles roundtrip to work every day. When he returns home, he is burdened with the additional stress of walking his young children to school.

He rode in the scorching sun in Sacramento for six months. He described how difficult it was to perform a 10-hour shift while still caring for his family. According to him, he maintained an optimistic attitude during all of those hardships, which enabled him to weather the storm. According to ABC 17 news, he saw it as simply another roadblock on his way to greater achievement, adding that he is no stranger to adversity.

Taylor’s troubling moments were put to rest when she got an unexpected gift of a fully paid 2019 Hyundai Elantra, neatly refurbished and wrapped in a giant green bow.

Overwhelmed with emotion, the father of six revealed that he shed tears of delight after remembering the daily challenges of traveling by bike before arriving at this time of great ease and opportunity.

Caliber Collision Roseville, Travelers Insurance, Family Promise of Sacramento, and the NABC Recycled Rides Program all contributed to the donation. Caliber Collision Roseville technicians contributed their knowledge and time to restore the car.

Taylor, who had a history of homelessness, pondered what he had done extraordinary to earn such charity. He described living in motels and churches with his younger children. Though he had achieved some amount of success, such as a recent promotion at his security position, it paled in comparison to the generosity of the community.

When Family Promise learned that Taylor was riding his bike to work, they took the initiative and wrote a statement in favor of his nomination for a donated vehicle.

Taylor has now conveyed his newfound peace and thanks for the generosity he encountered, highlighting that the world, despite its troubles, is full of amazing individuals. He was ecstatic about the experience of driving a new car and conveyed his delight about having to listen to music on his way to work.

He indicated a wish to return the favor to someone else in the future, describing his current state as “living the dream” and “embracing his best life.”

Caliber Collision, Caliber Auto Care, and Caliber Auto Glass have donated over 500 vehicles to individuals and families in need, demonstrating their dedication to making a positive difference in their community.

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