Black Entrepreneur Acquires Two Airbnb Tiny Homes For $30K Each

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Ansel Troy, an African American entrepreneur from Oakland, California, discovered a profitable business as an Airbnb host and owner after purchasing two tiny cottages and installing them in his yard. He has been able to quit his full-time work now that his business is booming, and Airbnb has become his primary source of income.

Troy had already converted his garage into a studio, which was rented by a long-term tenant. As a self-proclaimed “house hacker” who is constantly thinking of inventive ways to optimize the value of his property, Troy eventually discovered Airbnb as a method to earn extra money, he told Business Insider.

Troy was accustomed to long-term rentals, but he chose to investigate short-term rentals through Airbnb, which he believed would be more profitable. He began with a little cottage he bought online for $33,000. He used a home equity line of credit loan to finance the purchase. His first trial with the tiny house was such a success that he decided to purchase another one for $35,000.

Despite its small size, Troy found a variety of alternatives in its layout. He repaired and designed the little house utilizing inspiration from sites like Etsy, Instagram, and Pinterest. The Black Art Gallery, one of the tiny residences, has minimalist architecture and an art gallery filled with black paintings. The Tiny Heauxtel, the second tiny house, is supposed to be aesthetically pleasant, with plenty of fake plants.

Troy now runs his tiny dwellings immediately next to his home as a full-time Airbnb owner, which has become his principal source of income. He claimed that the growing popularity of tiny residences and minimalism, as well as his competitive pricing strategy and transparency, contributed to the increase in Airbnb viewers.

“I don’t have to lie. I don’t ask people to leave reviews or encourage them to say nice things. They just come and speak about their experience, and it works out perfectly,” he said.

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