Black Couple Secures $250K Deal on ‘Shark Tank’ For $2.4M Frozen Yogurt Startup


Ehime Eigbe and her husband, Michael, the owners of Sweetkiwi, a Black-owned frozen greek yogurt firm, have successfully landed a $250,000 transaction on Shark Tank. The concept was inspired by the healthier dessert options discovered by Ehime while battling uterine fibroids.


Both Ehime and Michael appeared on the show and presented the low-sugar, low-calorie dessert to the investors in order to gain an initial $250,000 investment for a 5% ownership in the company. But, after several negotiations, they were able to reach an agreement with Robert Herjavec, who agreed to the amount they desired in exchange for a 16% interest.


Ehime stated that the monies would be used for brand development and marketing. The pair also stated that the investment will raise the company’s valuation above $2.4 million. Even though the sector is competitive, they are optimistic that their brand will grow due to its benefits.


“It’s made from real milk sourced from smallholder family-owned farms, and each pint boasts 22 grams of protein, prebiotic fiber, gut-healthy probiotics, and a unique blend of immunity-boosting superfoods, all of which are better together,” the duo said, according to CNBC.


Eigbe came across the recipe while looking for healthy eating habits after being diagnosed with uterine fibroids. She wanted to show that being on a strict diet doesn’t have to mean absolutely shunning sweets. That’s when she got into her kitchen and began making her own frozen whipped greek yogurt with only real and natural ingredients, launching Sweetkiwi in 2011.


Sweetkiwi’s award-winning goods are currently available online, at their three shops, and in over 1,700 retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods, Walmart, and Kroger.

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