Black American Family Reveals Why They Are Leaving The U.S. For Italy

Black American Family Reveals Why They Are Leaving The U.S. For Italy

The family made the choice to transfer to Italy after learning about the availability of ready-to-move-in properties at low costs. But it was also an opportunity for Nadine Dawkins to reconnect with her ancestors.

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She discovered that her great-great-grandfather was Italian and immigrated to America in the nineteenth century. While the Dawkins family – Nadine, 59, and her husband, Kim, 61, as well as their children, Lorenzo, 29, and DeNaei, 27 – saw the relocation as a chance to pursue their goals, it was much than that for Nadine. Despite not knowing her exact ancestors, Nadine sees purchasing a low-cost property in Latronico as a means to reconnect with her roots.


They were fed up with systemic racism. George Floyd’s death capped the decision to emigrate in 2020. They purchased a lovely property in the town of Latronico. According to CNN Travel, the village is located in southern Basilicata and has a population of 4,000 people. It is located within the pristine Pollino National Park, which is surrounded by natural hot springs.


The family claimed police brutality, domestic terrorism, and widespread hostility as reasons for leaving the United States. A CNN piece spurred the decision, which led them to contact the deputy mayor, Vincenzo Castellano. They purchased the property without visiting Italy after a video call and a virtual tour of the chosen residence.


Their new home in Latronico’s historic district required just minor renovations to meet their needs, and the exterior was repainted. The three-story house, which had formerly been owned by an exquisitely decorated individual, still had antique furniture and other objects such as mattresses, a closet, and porcelain cups.


The Dawkins family has embraced the relaxed pace of life in Latronico, savoring moments like observing passers-by and strolling down peaceful alleyways during their vacations. Their current intention is to spend six months a year in Italy, in accordance with the 90-day rule for non-EU citizens. They will next apply for a permanent elective resident visa, which requires a certain amount of yearly passive income. Their long-term ambition is to become citizens of Italy.

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