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Bidder Offers $800K For A Piece Of The Late Kobe Bryant’s Final Game Floor

The NBA Hall of Famer led the Los Angeles Lakers to victory over the Utah Jazz, scoring 60 points.

Bryant’s jersey numbers, 24 and 8, were on display at the time, and he signed them in celebration.

The No. 8 floor piece is now up for auction on Rally.

The marketplace converts items such as watches and sneakers “into a company” and divides them into equity shares for collectors to purchase.

On January 10, Rally tweeted a promotional video for the asset.

“Under Kobe’s sneakers on the evening of his final game, during which he scored 60 points, lay pieces of hardwood emblazoned with the two numbers he wore over the course of his career. This is the portion of the court displaying his #8, which he would sign,” the video’s narrator said in Rally’s video. “That April night in 2016, Bryant addressed the sold-out Staples Center crowd leaving them with just two words before placing the mic down at center court and exiting for the last time. ‘Mama Out’ [Bryant said].”


Currently, shareholders of the No. 8 portion of the floor piece are considering a $800,000 offer.

“It encapsulates everything we look for in assets for Rally — a tangible piece of history with immense cultural relevance and emotional connection,” Rally Chief Product Officer Rob Petrozzo said, according to Business Insider.

If shareholders accept the offer, they will reportedly make a profit. As a result, they would receive $8 per share. The offer must be accepted or rejected within 48 hours.

Rally also sold another sports collectible from a basketball legend.

As HowAfrica previously mentioned, a pair of sneakers once worn by Michael Jordan in 1996 sold for over $92,000.



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