Antigua and Barbuda Appoints Angela Bassett and Dawnn Lewis as Tourism Ambassadors

From left to right: Minister Maria Browne, Dawnn Lewis, Prime Minister Gaston Browne and Angela Basset — Photo Credit: Office of the Prime Minister, Antigua and Barbuda


The government of Antigua and Barbuda has named Angela Bassett and Dawnn Lewis as tourism ambassadors for the Caribbean country. According to Loop News, the two celebrities were appointed as tourist ambassadors during a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

“Miss Basset has shown her love for Antigua by visiting frequently, and using her star power that has been earned by participation in scores of movies. Miss Lewis, who starred in Grey’s Anatomy, A Different World, and many movies and sitcoms also loves Antigua,” the Caribbean nation’s government said in a statement.

The administration further stated that Basset and Lewis will not be paid for their efforts because the “appointment is voluntary, does not involve any remuneration, and they have agreed to make appearances on behalf of Antigua and Barbuda.” Bassett and Lewis are currently in Antigua & Barbuda for a conference.

Antigua & Barbuda, nicknamed the “Land of 365 Beaches,” has gained popularity among tourists and is quickly becoming one of the Caribbean’s most sought-after locations. Antigua features around 365 beaches, lagoons, and natural harbors surrounded by reefs and shoals. On the other side, Barbuda features pink and white sand beaches as well as bays formed by once-volcanic craters.

Aside from the beaches, the country features a diverse landscape and animals. Around 150 bird species have been documented in Antigua and Barbuda’s game reserve, which also features deer, wild pigs, duck, guinea fowl, and a big colony of frigate birds.

On December 3, 2019, the Caribbean nation welcomed its 300,000th visitor, exceeding its previous record of 300,000 visitors set in 2018. The tourism industry on the twin-island has also invested in the country’s amenities, such as hotels.

The islands’ history is similarly complicated, with indigenous West Indians like the Caribs and Arawaks, Spaniard colonists, and enslaved Africans.

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