A Peek into the Life of the Richest 10-Year-Old YouTube Sensation Earning £21m Annually

Ryan Kaji is the world’s richest YouTuber, having made an astonishing £21 million at the age of 10, according to The Sun.

Ryan is enjoying his success with a luxury lifestyle, including visits to Hawaii and skiing in Japan.

The pint-sized influencer, born in October 2011 to Shion and Loann Kaji, began creating videos on Ryan’s ToyReviews, a YouTube channel his mother created for him, when he was just three years old.

Ryan’s popularity grew in months, and the number of people who subscribed to his page skyrocketed.

So much so that Ryan’s mother decided to leave her teaching career to run her son’s channel full time.

One of his most popular videos was in 2015, when he opened a huge Lightning McQueen egg in front of an astounding one billion viewers.

Ryan’s channel was renamed Ryan’s World, and he has grown from strength to strength, introducing his own games, toys, and even a 20-episode preschool TV series.

By the age of eight, he was the highest-paid YouTube celebrity, earning an amazing £20 million.

He reportedly earns £36,000 per video and has an estimated net worth of £79 million.

Ryan now posts videos other than toy reviews, like family-friendly science vlogs.

He is the older brother of twins Emma and Kate, and the family takes many vacations, many of which are documented on Ryan’s Instagram page.

Ryan previously posted a photo of himself swimming with dolphins in Hawaii, as well as participating in his first surf lesson.

At Christmas, he traveled to Japan with his siblings and parents to go skiing.

“Happy New Year everyone!” Ryan captioned a photo of himself in the snow.

“We spent a few days skiing and snowboarding before starting school again.

“I hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family.

“2024…. Here we come!”

Ryan ranked seventh on a ranking of the richest YouTubers last year.

And, despite earning an estimated £21 million in 2022, he was surpassed on the list by Like Nastya, which had 104 million subscribers to Ryan’s 34.2 million.



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