A Mother’s Text Saves Her 10-Year-Old Girl’s Life With Crucial Heart Surgery

Many newborns’ parents were overjoyed when they were born. However, Kaydan Fisher did not have the same experience. Her early life was dominated by a terrible battle with a serious congenital heart condition.

During the first six weeks of existence, her parents were unable to hold her. “It was an agony that no parent should have to bear,” Demetric Fisher told Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital.

According to KHOU, Kaydan had three major cardiac surgery at a hospital in Jackson, Mississippi, before the age of two.

“Despite the doctors’ and nurses’ efforts to explain the situation, we were overwhelmed by the complexity. “We were worried that nothing would work,” Demetric explained.

Following the successful procedures, physicians informed Demetric and her husband Cedric Fisher that their daughter Kaydan may need a heart and liver transplant in the future.

Dr. Avichal Aggarwal, one of her surgeons, offered tremendous support and even gave Demetric his cell phone number to stay in touch.

Kaydan left Mississippi when he was six years old and relocated to Children’s Memorial Hermann in Houston. When Kaydan turned 10, Demetric contacted Dr. Aggarwal.

“We hadn’t talked in many years, but something told me to send him a text message to celebrate her milestone,” she went on to say.

Demetric took a leap of faith and reached out, never expecting the miraculous conclusion that followed.

Dr. Aggarwal offered Kaydan the revolutionary Biventricular Repair Program at Children’s Heart Institute, promising a positive shift in his life.

Dr. Jorge Salazar, another of Kaydan’s surgeons who currently works at Children’s Memorial Hermann, hailed the program as innovative and only offered in a few global centers.

“For children like Kaydan who underwent multiple early surgeries, we’re essentially transforming their heart to function normally, enhancing their long-term survival chance,” he said.

“Unlike traditional transplants lasting 10 to 15 years, biventricular repair aims for a heart’s lifelong endurance.”

The Fishers opted to go to Houston for Kaydan’s surgery, relying on both surgeons’ experience.

“Even Kaydan was on board,” Demetric explained. “She stated that she had prayed about it and believed the surgery was safe, so she, too, wanted to proceed. She even grew enthusiastic and requested if she might phone the hospital herself to set up the appointment.”

Kaydan underwent a 10-hour treatment in February 2023 and returned to Mississippi with her parents, now with a completely functional heart.

Kaydan, now 11 years old, is prospering, with a renewed sense of health and contentment. The family celebrated her birthday with a fun trip to the amusement park.

“I got to ride the big rides. “I love my heart!” Kaydan spoke.



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