6 Cheapest Places to Live in Norway

Norway is known for its high cost of living, but there are still some relatively affordable places to live compared to larger cities like Oslo. Here are a few of the cheapest places to live in Norway:

  1. Ålesund: Located on the west coast of Norway, Ålesund is a picturesque town known for its Art Nouveau architecture and beautiful fjords. It offers a lower cost of living compared to larger cities, with affordable housing options and a relatively lower average price level.
  2. Tromsø: Despite being located in the Arctic Circle, Tromsø has a vibrant cultural scene and a relatively affordable cost of living compared to other major cities in Norway. It’s a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with opportunities for hiking, skiing, and witnessing the Northern Lights.Related: Study in Norway: All You Need To Know About Tuition Fees and Cost of Living
  3. Stavanger: Stavanger, situated on the southwestern coast, is a hub for the oil and gas industry. While the cost of living is still relatively high compared to some other countries, it can be more affordable than larger cities in Norway like Oslo or Bergen. Stavanger offers a good standard of living and has a lively cultural scene.
  4. Bergen: Bergen is Norway’s second-largest city and known for its UNESCO-listed Bryggen Wharf and surrounding fjords. While Bergen is generally more expensive than the previously mentioned places, it can be relatively cheaper than Oslo. It offers a good quality of life, access to nature, and a range of cultural activities.
  5. Kristiansand: Located on the southern coast of Norway, Kristiansand is a vibrant city with a lower cost of living compared to larger cities. It has beautiful beaches, a charming old town, and a thriving music and arts scene.
  6. Trondheim: Trondheim is a historic city with a rich cultural heritage and a large student population. While it’s not the cheapest city in Norway, it can be more affordable than Oslo or Stavanger. Trondheim offers a high quality of life, a range of outdoor activities, and a lively atmosphere.
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Remember that even in these relatively cheaper places, Norway’s overall cost of living may still be higher compared to other countries. It’s important to research the specific costs of housing, groceries, transportation, and other expenses in each location to assess whether it aligns with your budget.

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