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7 Best Restaurants in Oslo, Norway, You Should Visit!

If you like easygoing, gorgeous, progressive northern cities, Oslo, Norway’s capital, is a terrific destination to visit. It is home to unique architectural marvels, attractive ancient neighborhoods, adorable parks, and world-renowned museums – everyone will find something to their liking.

Nevertheless, people don’t talk about Norwegian cuisine enough – at least, I’d never heard of typical Norwegian dishes until visiting Oslo. It is, in reality, incredibly diverse, hearty, and occasionally too unusual. Smalahove, for example, a boiled sheep’s head and broiled whale steak reminiscent of Viking times, is still popular in Norway.

Here are seven best restaurants you may enjoy in Oslo:


1. Ruffino

Ruffino Oslo | How Africa News

Oslo not only serves Scandinavian cuisine, but also a variety of other cuisines. Ruffino restaurant is a prime example of “gastronomical integration,” since it is a true Italian island in Norway’s capital.

As you may have heard, the best eateries in town are those that are popular among the locals, and Ruffino Ristorante Italiano is certainly one of them. The menu features only the best Italian meals.


2. Omakase

Omakase Oslo | How Africa News

Surprisingly, Oslo is an excellent place to try amazing sushi. Omakase is your best bet. It upholds Japanese Edomae technical traditions while using the freshest Nordic materials to create “Normae sushi.”

Omakase features ten seats around the counter, making your gourmet trip both intimate and dense. The most interesting aspect is that Omakase only serves one seasonal set, which changes depending on the availability of fish and vegetables.

3. Engerbret Café

Engerbret Cafe Oslo | How Africa News

Engerbret Café is Oslo’s oldest restaurant, providing traditional Norwegian fare. This 1857 establishment has a history of serving international tourists as well as well-known Norwegian individuals looking for a friendly ambiance and traditional meals.

Engerbret Café serves some appetizers as well as hearty main meals. Fresh local vegetables, greens, meat, and seafood are used in the dishes. You’ll discover traditional Norwegian reindeer steak, turbot filet, and lamb saddle, all served with a variety of garnishes. The dessert selection is limited, but the hazelnut mousse with white chocolate cake and espresso caramel was delicious.

4. Den Glade Gris

Den Glade Gris Oslo | How Africa News

Do you like to spend an evening in a relaxed Norwegian pub-style setting surrounded by people and serving the greatest steak in Oslo? Hello and welcome to Den Glade Gris! This restaurant focuses on waste-free production and serves a variety of hog meals from head to tail.

Steaks are marinated and cooked hours ahead of time. Slow cooking causes the meat to slip off the bone and melt in your mouth. BBQ pulled pork, ribs, schnitzels, stews, non-pork items, and desserts are available. Have a pint of beer to go with your meal – Den Glade Gris provides a large selection of beers from Norwegian breweries.

5. Chez Colin

Chez Colin Oslo | How Africa News

French cuisine is also available in Oslo! This tiny restaurant, housed in a historic wooden Norwegian structure, features traditional French cuisine and a big selection of French wines. Despite its price tag, Chez Colin is ideal for a romantic, quiet dinner.

Chez Colin has an extensive cuisine. Main meals such as grilled rib eye steak with béarnaise sauce, broccolini or turbot with smoked butter sauce, garden peas, prawns, eggs, and herb potatoes are available. einsteineruploading up to meet together with.


6. Ekebergrestauranten

Ekebergrestauranten Oslo | How Africa News

Imagine sitting at a premium restaurant, looking out the window onto the stunning Norwegian fjords, and enjoying modern Scandinavian food – that is what Ekebergrestauranten provides. It is pricy and a little out of the way, but trust me when I say you will not be disappointed.

The menu is specifically intended for foodies, ensuring the greatest and most unexpected gastronomical experiences. Serve the duck leg confit with oven-roasted vegetables, kale, and duck jus with cranberries, tarragon, and potatoes, or the cod with broccoli puree, kale, and gooseberry sauce.


7. Feniqia

Feniqia Oslo | How Africa News

This restaurant bills itself as “the only true Lebanese restaurant in Norway,” and the meals are indeed delectable. One of my favorite cuisines is Lebanese because there is always something fresh to try.

Feniqia serves a wide variety of cold and warm meze (Middle Eastern appetizers) such as hummus, halloumi cheese, baba ganoush, chickpea puree, and many more.

Choose a Lebanese rice pilaf with lamb or chicken and a variety of nuts for the main meal. Pistachio sweets are a Lebanese specialty, so try a traditional pistachio cheesecake or panna cotta.

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