4 Best Cities to Study Abroad in Europe


Europe is a vast continent with hundreds of universities and student cities to choose from, each with its own distinct personality, charm, and intrigue. According to student satisfaction, we have compiled a list of some of the finest cities in Europe to study abroad.

However, this list may change substantially depending on factors such as what you want to study, your financial resources, and so on.

However, here is a non-exhaustive list of universities that are outstanding in terms of teaching quality, industry presence, student satisfaction, and internationality.


This is not surprising. Paris is the capital of France and one of the most vibrant cities in the world, offering a vast array of cultural, artistic, and gastronomical opportunities. According to the QS finest Student Cities, Paris has seventeen universities, making it the finest student city in the world. It is currently ranked seventh, which is still a fantastic position when we examine the global statistics. What concerns students interested in studying in Paris is not the tuition fees, but rather the extremely expensive cost of living. In the French capital, the average price per square meter ranges from €7500 to 11500€ or more, depending on the property location. Given these expenses, many landlords charge hefty rents for their apartments.



According to the 2019 QS Rankings, Vienna is the 13th best student city in the world. Indeed, journals such as “The Economist” rank Vienna as one of the cities with the highest level of “livability.” Tuition fees are comparable to the European average.Austria, in general, is one of the European countries with the most rich and elaborated cultural linkages; its architecture and medieval cities are examples of this.



Barcelona, Spain’s second-largest city, attracts a high number of students for a variety of reasons. To begin with, the cost of living in Barcelona is lower than in other European cities. Second, according to the most recent QS Best Student Cities Ranking, it is the 21st best student city. Finally, its history and cultural heritage are great, and the weather is pleasant, with the Mediterranean coast just a few meters from the city center.



Madrid follows after the previously listed cities on the QS list of Best Student Cities in 2019, but it is still the first option of many, ranking as the 27th most popular city among students worldwide. It is also regarded as one of Europe’s most affordable capital cities. The cultural and gastronomical offerings are unrivaled, particularly in terms of sports and recreation. It also houses some of the world’s most prominent and influential art galleries, such as the “Prado.” In terms of tourism, Madrid is positioned in the center of the Spanish mainland and is extremely well connected to the periphery: Barcelona, Bilbao, and Santiago de Compostela… are just a few of the towns that can be easily visited over the weekend.

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