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28-Year-Old Antoinette Paris-Hudson Becomes the Third Black Female Captain for PSA Airlines

Antoinette Paris Hudson | How Africa News


Antoinette Paris-Hudson, a 28-year-old African American pilot, became the airline’s third Black female captain. She recently received a job offer from American Airlines, the world’s largest airline.


From her infancy, Antoinette said she had always pictured herself as a pilot as she watched airplanes take off outside LAX with her father. She was a first-generation pilot with no mentor to advise her, but she was determined to make her ambitions a reality.


Antoinette earned a degree in Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering from Kansas State University in 2016. She then began working in the aviation sector before joining PSA Airlines, an American Airlines affiliate, as a First Officer in 2019.


Antoinette quickly rose through the ranks to become a Captain in 2022, becoming only the third Black female to hold the position in the company.


“I’m only the THIRD black female captain in my company’s history,” she said in her Facebook post. “This last month has been challenging but by the grace of God and the unwavering support of my family I’ve come out on the other side as an AIRLINE CAPTAIN This is truly a dream come true.”


What’s more, she has just recently received a job offer from American Airlines. She once again took to Facebook to celebrate her achievement.


“I received a job offer from American Airlines, the largest airline in the world. 5 year old Antoinette dreamed of this day and it’s finally come. God has never ceased to amaze me over this 10 year journey,” she said. “I’m still in awe that by the age of 28, I’ve become a pilot at a major airline. This is a dream I never want to wake up from.”


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