10 Safest Countries To Do Business in Africa 2023

As Africa’s economic impact grows, so do its financial policies, which are designed to attract both global and indigenous investors. The aforementioned point is highlighted in the “2023 The Africa Risk-Reward Index” study by Oxford Economics Africa, an independent economic advisory business.

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The paper looks at the benefits and drawbacks of polarization in each African country, as well as African-led security initiatives and how African countries are planning for the future. The research can derive the countries with the highest risk-to-reward ratio when it comes to conduciveness for starting international enterprises by utilizing these three factors.

This list is the inverse of an earlier released list of the top 10 riskiest African countries to do business in 2023, with the countries with the lowest risk index in “The Africa Risk-Reward Index” ranked as the safest African countries to do business in.

With that said, below is the list of the top 10 African safest countries to do business in 2023.

Rank Country Risk index
1. Mauritius 3.52
2. Botswana 3.68
3. Morocco 4.13
4. Namibia 4.42
5. Senegal 4.98
6. South Africa 5.06
7. Tanzania 5.35
8. Tunisia 5.45
9. Rwanda 5.46
10. Côte d’Ivoire 5.56

10 Riskiest Countries To Do Business in Africa in 2023


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