10 Exemplary Company Cultures at Microsoft, Chegg, and Others

Salary, working hours, and opportunities for promotion are all important things to consider while searching for a new job.

However, a positive business culture is also important. Knowing what to look for is easier than knowing where to look, which is much harder.

Every year, Comparably, an employer and brand comparison website, compiles a list of the top global companies with the best cultures. To make your search easier, we’ve broken down the top 20 firms on this year’s list, highlighting the unique initiatives and activities that set them apart as great company culture examples.

But first, what exactly constitutes organizational culture?

A company’s culture refers to its shared values, habits, standards, and goals. It shows not only why people do what they do (the value they get from their jobs), but also how they work together to achieve their goals.

Employee benefits offered by a company reflect a lot about its culture. To maintain a positive company culture, employees must be given adequate health insurance, paid time off, and family leave. All of the companies on this list offer these benefits.

1. Microsoft

Global technology corporation.

Headquarters: Washington, USA.

Microsoft’s office culture is well-known throughout the world for its welcoming and dynamic work environment.

One of the most common themes in employee reviews is the growth mindset that underpins the Microsoft company culture, with employees receiving appropriate support to explore and apply their talents.

Microsoft’s yearly hackathon, the world’s largest private hackathon, exemplifies this.

Employees benefit from on-the-job “stretch” assignments that allow them to broaden their knowledge and skills beyond their current roles.

Other employee advantages that contribute to the pleasant Microsoft business culture include:

  • Employee resource groups will connect employees with minority identities across multinational teams.
  • Providing generous family leave, parenting classes, and adoption help
  • Financial Education and Tuition Assistance


2. Workday

Cloud-based HR software.

Headquarters: California, USA.

Employees describe Workday as a people-first company that fosters a healthy working culture through caring and inclusive teams.

“People are our first core value, and this ethos is lived throughout the company,” one employee stated.

A stunning 92% of Workday employees are satisfied with their employer’s benefits, which include significant family support as well as non-traditional employee benefits including period health care and a well-being subsidy.


3. Chegg

Online Student Services

Headquarters: California, USA.

Employee ratings indicate that Chegg has succeeded in establishing a solid business culture capable of dealing with a dynamic market.

“I’ve worked at a lot of places that claim to care but don’t,” stated one poll respondent. “We keep up with the most recent trends and technology breakthroughs. “We have new programs and B2B concepts coming in.”

In accordance with its educational objective, Chegg offers an Equity for Education benefits package to help employees pay off student debt and raise this issue to employers’ notice. Chegg has already given out more than $1 million to employees to help them pay off their student debt.

The business also offers a tuition reimbursement program for workplace learning.


4. RingCentral

Cloud-based communication

Headquarters: California, USA.

RingCentral promotes a positive working culture through a variety of campus events, which employees like for creating community spirit and allowing opportunities to interact with people they do not work with directly.

Remote and hybrid employment possibilities are also available, as well as major mental health treatment, which includes:

Mental health days occur once per quarter.
An employee help program that provides 24/7 therapy sessions.
Personalized wellness coaching and meditation guidance

Finally, employees see a positive work environment that values acknowledgment and praise.

“[The leadership team’s] acknowledgment of individual contributions not only motivates team members but also cultivates a sense of belonging and fulfillment within the organization,” a member of the staff said.


5. HubSpot

Marketing, sales, and customer service software supplier.

Headquarters: Massachusetts, USA.

HubSpot is a well-known thought leader in creating a positive workplace culture, and employees hold leaders to high standards.

“We hold our leaders accountable for walking the walk on culture,” said one employee to Comparably. “People care profoundly about culture and want to make it a priority. Personally, this is what keeps me at HubSpot.

HubSpot goes above and above to establish a positive business culture by delivering non-traditional employee benefits such as:

  • Unlimited vacation.
  • High stock grants.
  • 5-year sabbatical
  • Egg freezing coverage
  • Up to eight hours of volunteering in business time each year.


6. Concentrix

Customer experience software

Headquarters: California, USA.

Employees at Concentrix praise the company’s attention on employee well-being and progress for establishing a nice work environment.

“There are so many places that don’t value the staff or are unforgiving,” one reviewer stated. “We give the staff every opportunity to be the best they can be and we guide them rather than be punitive.”

In fact, the organization’s learning and development initiatives won it a top 50 spot on Training magazine’s top 100 list.

Employees admire Concentrix leadership’s honesty and industry knowledge.


7. Elsevier

Global information analytics provider

Headquarters: New York, USA.

Elsevier’s employee reviews show that the company has a great workplace culture that appreciates flexibility, promotes work-life balance, and trusts employees to complete their tasks and provide helpful insight to leadership.

Elsevier provides the following vital benefits:

  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Monthly Mental Health Webinars
  • Virtual mindfulness sessions


8. LexisNexis Legal and Professional

Provider of information and analytics for law, regulation, and business.

Headquarters: New York, USA.

In a highly technical field, LexisNexis Legal & Professional’s organizational culture stands out for its “servant leadership” philosophy, which provides employees with the resources they require to succeed.

“Everyone is encouraged to learn and develop if they want to and, to that end, everyone has access to a wide variety of learning materials covering every conceivable area of L&D,” said one of the staff members.

Another common theme in employee ratings is the inviting environment, which develops friendship among staff.

LexisNexis, like RX Global, gives workers the option to give back to their communities by providing them two days to undertake pro bono work or volunteer.


9. Globant

Software product development

Headquarters: California, USA.

Globant’s positive workplace atmosphere is inclusive, illustrating that technology companies do not have to be antagonistic toward women.

“I can be myself, [and] being a woman in technology is not always easy,” an anonymous reviewer told Comparably. “I believe my colleagues are pleasant, respectful, and compassionate. People are growth-oriented, which means they want the company to expand and their employees to grow alongside it.”

Globant offers comprehensive health insurance benefits and bonuses to on-site staff, including free food, massages, and manicures. The company also offers relocation alternatives and a “work anywhere” program to provide employees more flexibility.

10. RX Global.

Exhibition and event organizers

Headquarters: Surrey, UK.

Employees see the company culture at RX Global as inclusive and fast-paced, with supervisors and executives prepared to listen.

One of the traits that differentiates RX from other company cultures is its emphasis on giving back to society. Last year, over one-third of RX employees volunteered through the RELX Cares initiative. This is much higher than the sector average of 85%, according to Business for Societal Impact data.

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