10 Best Road Trips in England

Because of its small size and abundance of national parks, England is a perfect country to explore by vehicle. It’s especially friendly to visitors who wish to explore one of its picturesque coasts, whether it’s a long drive into Cornwall or a walk along the Norfolk Coast.

Exploring England by road can be a delightful way to experience the country’s picturesque landscapes, charming villages, historic sites, and cultural attractions. From the North York Moors to the Lake District to the Atlantic Highway, here are 10 of the best road trips in England:

1. Cotswolds: Drive through the Cotswolds, a region known for its quintessential English villages, rolling hills, and charming countryside.


2. Lake District Loop: Explore the stunning Lake District National Park, with its serene lakes, rugged mountains, and charming towns like Windermere and Keswick.


3. Northumberland Coast: Drive along the Northumberland coast, visiting impressive castles, beautiful beaches, and quaint fishing villages.


4. Jurassic Coast: Experience the Jurassic Coast in southern England, known for its unique geology, dramatic cliffs, and charming coastal towns like Lyme Regis.


5. Yorkshire Dales: Explore the picturesque Yorkshire Dales, featuring lush valleys, stone-built villages, and scenic roads.


6. Norfolk Coast: Drive along the Norfolk Coast, enjoying the beauty of the coastline, salt marshes, and visiting places like Wells-next-the-Sea and Blakeney.


7. Peak District: Discover the stunning landscapes of the Peak District, with its moors, dales, and charming towns like Bakewell and Castleton.


8. Cornwall Coastal Drive: Take a road trip along the rugged coastline of Cornwall, exploring iconic sites like St. Ives, Land’s End, and the Eden Project.


9. Hadrian’s Wall Route: Follow the path of Hadrian’s Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage site, while driving through historic towns and Roman ruins.


10. South Downs National Park: Enjoy the picturesque South Downs National Park, featuring rolling hills, scenic viewpoints, and charming villages like Lewes and Alfriston.


These road trips offer a mix of natural beauty, historical sites, and cultural experiences, making them some of the best ways to explore the diverse and captivating landscapes of England. Always check for the latest travel advisories and road conditions before embarking on your road trip.

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