10 African Countries With The Lowest Life Expectancy

In a continent as diverse and vibrant as Africa, it is critical to recognize the significant gaps that exist among its nations.

While we previously reported the ten African countries with the longest life expectancy, certain African nations continue to face considerable issues, notably in the sphere of public health.

Life expectancy in these countries remains significantly low, owing to a mix of factors such as healthcare accessibility, economic stability, and the success of public health initiatives.

Children born in three African countries, Chad, Nigeria, and Lesotho, face the heartbreaking prospect of not reaching the age of 55. Individuals in six other African countries face a similar destiny before reaching the age of 60.

Life expectancy statistics for these countries give a gloomy picture of the problems their residents face. Shorter lifespans are caused by factors such as high incidence of infectious diseases, limited access to effective healthcare, and socioeconomic inequality.

Let us now look at the ten African countries with the lowest life expectancy, according to the United Nations.

RankCountryLife expectancy
4Central African Republic55.48
5South Sudan56.51

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