Zimbabwean Billionaire Ken Sharpe Unveils $100 Million Luxury Estate Project in US

Ken Sharpe, CEO of West Properties Holdings (WestProp), presented plans for the highly anticipated $100-million Hills Luxury Lifestyle Estate during a diaspora marketing event in Washington, D.C. this week.

The statement, delivered in the presence of Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to the United States, Tedious Chifamba, and Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Zimbabwe, J.W. Oliver, is a big step forward for Sharpe and WestProp in their quest to enter international markets.

Addressing the audience at the marketing event, Sharpe, a prominent person in Zimbabwe’s economic landscape, emphasized his enthusiasm for the project, saying, “It is with great humility and pride that I announce publicly our planned mixed-use development called the Hills Luxury Lifestyle Estate.” He made an exclusive offer to visitors, offering a $10,000 reduction on the purchase price for those interested in investing in the estate.

The Hills Luxury Lifestyle Estate, originally the Warren Hills Golf Club, is set to redefine upmarket living in Zimbabwe. The complex, which includes 862 properties such as apartments, townhouses, villas, and retirement flats, stands out for its 24/7 clinic and plans for the country’s first PGA-quality championship golf course.

The project emphasizes sustainability by dedicating an astounding 80 percent of its space to greenery, which aligns with eco-friendly development guidelines. Residents can enjoy a variety of activities, including swimming and tennis academies that showcase a wide range of sports.

Sharpe issued a call to action, urging Zimbabweans in the United States to actively contribute to the country’s development. “We have the option of supporting Zimbabwe’s prosperity or standing by. I believe in Zimbabwe’s future, not just its resources, but also its people.

Sharpe’s popularity in Zimbabwe’s real estate industry originates from his successful acquisition of a number of companies, notably Augur Investments and West Food Distribution.

Under his guidance, WestProp has worked with the City of Harare to revitalize commercial centers such as the Harare Sunshine Bazaar, Mbudzi Peoples Market, and Shawasha Mall in Mbare.

The Hills Luxury Lifestyle Estate’s launch highlights Sharpe’s vision for Zimbabwe’s prosperous and sustainable future, as well as the potential for diaspora investment to support economic progress in the country.

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