Zimbabwe Mogul Zed Koudounaris Unveils $30M Bakers Inn Facility under Innscor

Innscor Africa, a leading consumer goods company owned by Zimbabwean businessman Zed Koudounaris, has formally established a cutting-edge automated bread factory in Bulawayo, the country’s second-largest city.

The $30 million Bakers Inn facility features cutting-edge technology capable of making around 160,000 loaves per day, representing a major increase in local bread production capability.

The Bulawayo bakery boasts cutting-edge machinery, representing a huge step forward for Zimbabwe’s baking industry. Automation streamlines production processes, resulting in consistent quality and increased productivity.

Addington Chinake, chairman of Innscor Africa, lauded the investment as a significant boost to the Matabeleland region, which aligns with the government’s decentralization and re-industrialization ambitions.

“The plant which is automated to current global standards making use of modern technology and robotics will result in the improvement of bread quality, consistency, and production efficiencies thus reducing waste as well as utilizing less fuel in the production process,” Chinake stated.

He also stated that preparations are underway to establish a second production line for $135 million, thereby increasing regional capacity and creating an estimated 33,000 direct employment.

Innscor Africa, a diversified pan-African investment holding firm, focuses on food manufacturing, distribution, and retail. Zed Koudounaris, who co-founded the company in 1997 with Michael Fowler, owns a 2.5% share in the industrial giant.

The reclusive billionaire businessman is well-known for his impact in a variety of industries, particularly his involvement in establishing the success of Innscor’s primary fast food franchises.

In fiscal 2023, Innscor Africa accomplished significant milestones, reporting $480.4 million in revenue and $50.7 million in operating profit. This excellent success was driven by better capacity utilization in core manufacturing operations, new product launches, category extensions, and streamlined distribution strategies.

The consumer goods company’s $30 million investment in its Bulawayo Bakers Inn branch demonstrates its commitment to cutting-edge technology and indigenous production in the changing Zimbabwean market. This strategic initiative strengthens the company’s dominant position in the country’s food business.

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