Zimbabwe is the World’s Biggest Exporter of Blueberries – REPORT

According to a recent survey, Zimbabwe is now the leading global supplier of blueberries, outperforming all other countries in terms of growth.

According to the EastFruit report, blueberry growing investments in Zimbabwe have increased by 63% yearly, or 1,200 tonnes, during the last five years.

According to the research, new plantations are mostly built by investors from neighboring South Africa. Because of the exceptionally favorable climatic conditions, access to high-quality irrigation water, and cost-effective labor, these investors frequently diversify or relocate production to Zimbabwe.

Furthermore, there has been an increase in foreign investment, which has contributed to the establishment of new blueberry farms in Zimbabwe. According to the research, shipments will increase by 85% to over 5,000 tonnes by 2022.

According to Andrij Yarmak, an economist at the investment department of the Food and Agriculture Ministry UN organizations (FAO), this moved the country into the top 15 global blueberry-exporting nations, overtaking Serbia in volume.

Blueberry exports from Zimbabwe are expected to climb by 30-40% in 2023, reaching 6.5-7.0 thousand tons, according to EastFruit experts. Given the elevated blueberry price levels caused by a poor harvest in Peru, Zimbabwe hopes to benefit significantly from blueberry exports in the coming season.

A large amount of Zimbabwe’s blueberries are exported to South Africa, presumably for re-export. The country also directly supplies fresh blueberries to the United Kingdom, the European Union, Middle Eastern countries, and Russia.

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