Zendaya, Beyoncé Ranked As Top Black Influencers Raking In A Social Media Valuation Of Millions

The trio was one of ten people mentioned at a high position in a recent Nielsen survey based on the dollar value of their social media channels.

Lame’s effect, for instance, may be seen in his recent string of successful alliances. The content creator has agreements and collaborations with companies including Meta, Pepsi, Hugo Boss, Binance, and more thanks to being the most followed TikToker in the entire world.












“More than 6,000 advertisers spent more than $1.2 billion in the first half of 2022 alone to reach Black and African American consumers through conventional media, such as television, publications, and radio. According to Stacie de Armas, SVP Diverse Insights and Initiatives at Nielsen, “More than half of Black viewers are more inclined to buy from brands if someone from their identity group is featured in advertisements. “One way that media and marketers may make sure that Black voices are incorporated at every stage of the marketing funnel is by enlisting Black influencers as part of campaigns.”


Followers: 156.0 million

Average social media value: $3,262,216


2. Khaby Lame, TikTok

Followers: 151.6 million

Average social media value: $1,453,763

3. Beyoncé, Instagram


Followers: 281 million

Average social media value: $1,182,297

4. Cardi B, Instagram

Followers: 143 million

Average social media value: $1,028,205


5. Travis Scott, Instagram

Followers: 46.8 million

Average social media value: $997,721

6. Drake, Instagram

Followers: 124 million

Average social media value: $661,018

7. LeBron James, Instagram

Followers: 136 million

Average social media value: $548,466

8. Dwayne Johnson, Instagram

Followers: 346 million

Average social media value: $501,490

9. Romeo Santos, YouTube

Followers: 19.9 million

Average social media value: $436,429

10. Will Smith, Instagram

Followers: 63 million

Average social media value: $249,062




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