Young Black Nurse’s Platform Gives 1,000’s of Nursing Students A New Interactive Way To Study

samantha cepeda founder the nurse sam


Samantha Cepeda is an Atlanta-based licensed practical nurse, artist, and educator, as well as the founder and CEO of The Nurse Sam, a premier resource for visual and interactive learning for nursing students. Her platform uses innovation and artistry to provide a new way to learning. Using the notion that “a person retains when he or she is delighted,” she assists pupils in effectively digesting material while making studying more enjoyable.

Samantha launched the company in 2018, barely 5 days after her wedding, after undergoing an emergency hysterectomy. Her website now has a devoted following that benefit from her one-of-a-kind instructional products. She has established herself as a valuable resource for nursing students of all levels! “I’m giving nursing students a fun new method to study and retain information,” explains Nurse Sam.


There are several types of educational content available on in the site. In addition to digital study guides, the site also offers other learning media such as online courses and live broadcasts.

The focus is to help students prepare for critical examinations, most importantly the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). She also has been preparing students for The Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) that is launching in April 2023. Nurse Sam develops visually dynamic approaches to studying for this career-changing test. The best seller is The Ultimate Nursing School Bundle which includes 400 pages of visual learning material covering all the major topics in nursing school. Her virtual courses are very popular; among them include an arcade-themed online course packed with interactive learning activities and a digital workbook titled “NCLEX ARCADE”.

The company also offers downloadable study kits for other examinations such as the ATI TEAS (Assessment Technologies Institute Test of Essential Academic Skills) test. The extensive ebook provides useful information to help aspiring nursing students in passing the qualifying tests and get accepted to nursing school. It contains tips for preparing for the exam, interactive worksheets, and illustrated workbooks on key concepts and specific topics which are commonly tackled in the tests.

Students can also enjoy browsing through a selection of nurse-themed merchandise from the Nurse Sam website. Currently, the product categories include The Digital Nurse Life Planner, Nurse Sam Study Gummies, Nurse Enamel Pins, and a variety of apparel such as T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and joggers just for nursing students and nurses!


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