Young Black Entrepreneur Reveals How She Turned a $100 Investment into $200K with Dropshipping

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Shonae Jones, a successful dropshipper and the youthful CEO of The Fempreneur Agency, is inspiring a new generation of female entrepreneurs with her story of turning a $100 investment into $200,000 in less than a year.

Shonae, 34, felt trapped in a job she didn’t like and actively sought a way out, as do many people. She launched her first ecommerce venture several years ago, creating themes for Blackberry phones. Shonae began designing iPhone cases after Blackberry discontinued manufacturing devices. This worked for a while, but it was short-lived because she lacked the finances and manpower to expand the business. So when she discovered that dropshipping allowed her to avoid inventory, she jumped at the chance.

Dropshipping is a business model of fulfilling eCommerce purchases without stocking products or owning a physical location. The seller purchases only what is needed from a wholesaler. When an order is received, the wholesaler ships the order to the customer.

An entrepreneur at heart and blessed, Shonae was excited about the prospect of dropshipping. She comments: “I was only making 30K a year as a legal assistant, so my budget to begin marketing was only $100. I needed to drive traffic to the store to make sales, so I used the same marketing strategies from when I was selling the phone cases. It worked! I utilized the strategy consistently and re-invested in the business with my 9 to 5 money as I went along.”

She adds, “Within 2 months, I was making 3K per month and within the next 4 months, I was making 10K-15K per month. By the end of the year, I had made 200K and was able to quit the toxic legal job I hated.”

Realizing the depth of her success with dropshipping, Shonae’s friends began asking her for help to start their stores, which birthed the idea for The Fempreneur Agency.

The Fempreneur Agency, dubbed “The Beyonce of Dropshipping,” is a web design firm that builds skilled Prebuilt Shopify Stores along with marketing tactics for women who want to fast-track their route to e-commerce success. The websites are totally customized, and owners can offer anything from luxury hair and purses to sleepwear and baby items. Furthermore, each webpage is preloaded.
aded with 20 bestselling products that are ready to sell and fulfilled by USA-based suppliers.

Since launching The Fempreneur Agency, which is based in Richmond, Virginia, Shona has helped over 3,000 women start and grow thriving e-commerce businesses. One customer, Shameria J. said: “I’ve been trying for 5 years to start a drop shipping business on my own and wasn’t able due to not having the time to research. I was skeptical at first but decided to take the chance and invest the money to have to set up a store for my little girl’s 9th birthday. They did not disappoint at all. She made $297 in less than 48 hours with her store. I’m ready to purchase your services to add more stores.”

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