WWE’s Chelsea Green Claims NYC Hotel Ejected Her, Mistaking Her For an Escort

Chelsea Green, a WWE wrestler, claims she was removed from a New York City hotel because the staff mistook her for an escort owing to her appearance.

Green, who was in town for “Monday Night Raw,” described the claimed incident on social media on Wednesday, claiming that her attempt to enjoy a night out in New York City was thwarted when workers at The Plaza Hotel targeted her because of her appearance.

A friend and I went to The Plaza’s Champagne Bar at 5:45 PM on Tuesday to enjoy a drink before attending a Broadway musical. However, we were asked to leave because we were not hotel guests.

However, The Champagne Bar confirmed to TMZ that it is available to the public. She described how a spectator saw the incident and welcomed her and a friend into the bar. However, when they passed security, the personnel became upset, saying something like, “Get back here.” We’re not playing your games. “We know what you’re doing here,” she explained.

Green said she was offended by the inference, which she blamed on her wardrobe of a white off-the-shoulder top, denim skirt, brown boots, and dark coat. After being disturbed by the interaction, she temporarily left the area before returning to discuss the situation with the front desk.

The WWE superstar stated that she was “pissed” and “embarrassed” following the encounter. Despite attempting to handle the problem with a management, she suffered additional challenges, including being hounded by three new security personnel and felt insulted by them.

Eventually, she and her friend chose to go, and personnel accompanied them until they left.

Green is hopeful that the hotel will review the video footage and acknowledge her innocence in the event.

She excitedly anticipates a potential apology and remains positive while waiting for a response.

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