Wout Weghorst Has Brought More Profit to the Team Than Ronaldo Did in His 2nd Spell – Gary Neville Claims



Manchester United legend Gary Neville claims that Wout Weghorst has made the club more money than Cristiano Ronaldo did during his second spell at the club.

The former Man United defender made the claim after he was asked by Jamie Carragher if he would rather have Cristiano Ronaldo or Wout Weghorst in his current Manchester United squad.


Speaking on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, Neville use a stat chart to show that the Dutchman was having a greater impact on United than previous star striker Ronaldo, saying: ‘Since Sunday that seems to have been a moment, he has played basically every moment since coming in.
‘I called him a placeholder because United didn’t invest in a striker United would want.

“This experiment has to stop, Weghorst has to come out, it can no longer go on, the reason he continues to play and why Ronaldo is no longer at the club, you see his 19 starts against Ronaldo’s 19 starts.

‘Weghorst has 12 wins, four draws, three defeats, he has only scored two goals but the team has scored 37 goals, with Ronaldo it was 19 starts, they won three less games, drawn three, lost four more with him in the team, he scored 11 but the team itself only scored 23, they are massive differences,’ he added.


‘It is the strangeness of football is having a player who isn’t good enough to be a Manchester United forward but has brought more profit to the team. I believe he (Ronaldo) is the greatest player of all time.


Neville then claimed that Weghorst shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same conversation when it comes to comparing the duos quality, but insists Ten Hag favours his fellow countryman due to the startling stats.


‘I think ultimately the reason he left Ronaldo out was because of the stats, I think it is clear Weghorst isn’t fit to lace Ronaldo’s boots but those are stark stats playing in same period with same team-mates, he was really poor on Sunday, he shouldn’t be there, but the reason he is there is because of those stats,’ he added.


Co-host Carragher then attempted to antagonise Neville as he pressed him for an answer on whether he would prefer to have Weghorst or Ronaldo playing for United in the current circumstances.


Ex-Liverpool defender Carragher asked: ‘So is he better for United than Ronaldo?’


‘I don’t think either of them at this moment in time should play for Man United. It is more important who Ten Hag picks,’ said Neville.


‘I don’t know (who I would pick Ronaldo or Weghorst) Ronaldo now is playing in Saudi Arabia, he left, that was a provocative chart, I put the chart up because of why Ten Hag continues to pick him.


‘I don’t know who I would pick, you would move it game to game. If I was playing at Old Trafford I’d play Ronaldo, away from home probably Weghorst,’ he said.

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