Woman Lost Billions Settling for $500 in Divorce from now World’s 4th Richest Man

A lady who paid $500 to waive any claim to her ex-husband’s firm during her divorce went on to see him become a self-made billionaire and the world’s fourth richest man.

While money isn’t everything, this one must sting a little.

During divorce proceedings, billionaire Larry Ellison’s ex-wife agreed to renounce any claim on his database company for $500.

Ex-wife Nancy Wheeler had no idea the firm would grow into the tech behemoth Oracle, today worth over $300 million.

Larry Ellison grew up believing that becoming a doctor was the pinnacle of success. He stated at a 2016 University of South California commencement ceremony that his family, teachers, and girlfriend all wanted him to be a doctor.

“Their dreams eventually became my dreams. They convinced me that I should become a doctor.”

Despite his initial interest in healthcare, he eventually dropped out of college due to a lack of passion.

“At the time I thought I lacked discipline and that I was selfish,” Ellison went on to say. “Perhaps so.

“But, whatever the underlying reasons, I was unable to transform myself into the person I believed I should be. So I decided to stop trying.”

After dropping out of college, Ellison worked as an environmentalist and started a computer programming business. He described it as a’self-discovery trip’, although his wife was not pleased with his decision.

“I’d discovered a cause. I had two jobs that I enjoyed and one that paid the bills. Ellison said, “I was pretty happy with my life, but my wife was not.”

Allison and Nancy were married for only a year before splitting up in 1978, with Nancy consenting to withdraw herself from the firm for a cost of $500.

Ellison is the fourth richest man in the world, with a net worth of $107 billion, thanks to Oracle’s success. He formerly served on Tesla’s board of directors.

Following his financial success, he reportedly has a $173 million house in Florida and formerly half owned one of the world’s largest boats.

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