Woman Brings Deceased Uncle to Bank to Sign for $3,200 Loan – Police

A disturbing video from Rio de Janeiro shows a lady wheeling a wheelchair-bound man, Roberto Braga, just a day before bringing his body into a banking hall.

On April 15, Erika de Souza pushed a 68-year-old man outside the Emergency Care Unit in Bangu, as seen on CCTV. Braga can be seen shaking his head and waving his arm in the video as Souza, 42, fights to push him toward the door.

In the footage, a man approaches and interacts with Braga, leading Souza to interfere and modify the wheelchair, according to Daily Mail.She eventually pushes Braga through the door and into the chair, where he rests his head.

Braga received medical treatment on April 8 and was discharged the same day, according to CCTV footage. Despite being discharged alive, Souza was caught pushing Braga’s corpse into a bank the next day to sign a loan agreement worth $3,200.

Bank staff became suspicious when Souza attempted to have Braga sign a document, causing them to call the police, who arrested her on the scene.

According to Rio de Janeiro Civil Police Chief Fábio Souza, the exact moment of Braga’s death was unknown, but cadaver stains on the back of his head indicate he died within two hours.

Authorities stated that if Braga had died while seated in the wheelchair, the cadaver spots would have appeared on his legs instead.

“It is not possible to say the exact moment of death,” Fábio told reporters. “Samu (Mobile Emergency Attendance Service) discovered the presence of (livor mortis). This occurs immediately after death but is only noticeable around two hours later.

Agents have been ordered to find the rideshare app driver who dropped off Souza and her deceased uncle at the bank. Authorities examined Souza, who is charged with attempted theft by fraud and desecration of a corpse, on Wednesday morning.

She claimed Braga died while at the bank, which the police are challenging.

“In my 22-year career I have never seen a story like this,” he remarked.

Initially, bank customers and staff believed Braga was ill, causing them to summon an ambulance, as directed by the police chief. A popular video shot by bank staff showed Souza holding up Braga’s head, pressing him to sign, and shouting, “Uncle, are you listening?” You need to sign it. I can’t sign for you.”

One of the bank employees then warned de Souza, “I do not believe this is lawful. He doesn’t look well. “He’s extremely pale.”

“He’s like that,” she said, and informed her deceased uncle, “If you’re not feeling well, I can take you to the hospital. “Do you want to go to the hospital again?”

De Souza then told Braga, “Sign so you don’t give me any more headaches, I can’t take it anymore.”

“She claims herself his niece. According to our investigation, she does have some kinship. “She calls herself his caretaker. “We want to identify other family members,” he said.

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