Wold Cup: Royal Air Maroc Plans 30 Flights To Carry Moroccan Soccer Fans To Doha

Morocco fans


The national airline Royal Air Maroc (RAM) will operate nearly 30 special flights between Casablanca and Doha on Tuesday (November 13) and Wednesday (November 14) to bring Moroccan fans to the World Cup semi-final against France.


“To allow the many Moroccans wishing to support the national team in its epic and live the emotion of the World Cup semi-final (…), Royal Air Maroc has set up a real air bridge between Casablanca and Doha,” said a statement from RAM published Monday.

“To a historic qualification, a historic device,” boasts the airline: nearly 30 flights will be provided by “jumbo jets” on the eve and the day of the match between the airport Mohammed V of Casablanca, the most populous city in kingdom, and Doha.

Hoping that all the fans will be able to board, after a few hiccups at Casablanca airport before the quarterfinal on Saturday against Portugal, according to testimonies of Internet users.

In Doha, Walid Regragui, Morocco’s coach, paid tribute to the Moroccan fans, “the 12th man of the team”, on several occasions.

“The selection must bring all Moroccans together. At one point, we were divided. If we were able to gather our people around soccer, it is good,” he said.


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