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Why This Officer Chose To Purchase Clothing For A Man Rather Than Writing Him A Ticket For Public Indecent Exposure

Image via Atlanta Police Department


After a man was reported for indecent exposure in public, Officer J. Nguyen had the option of citing him. But the Atlanta policeman made the decision to assist the man by visiting a Walmart and getting him clothing that fit.

The Atlanta Police Department praised him on social media after his deed, according to FOX 5 Atlanta. Officers Nguyen and Prophete responded to a site in northwest Atlanta on October 31 after receiving a public obscenity call, according to a Facebook post from the Atlanta Police Department.

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When the authorities arrived, they saw that the individual who had been reported was dressed in clothing that was too tiny, exposing his bodily parts. The officers also learned that the man had no other garments to change into and was unable to do so.


A ticket for the suspected public indecent exposure may have been issued to the man. Nguyen, however, opted to go to the Walmart shop and purchase clothing for the man.

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“Recognizing that the issue could be better addressed with empathy rather than police action, Officer Nguyen made an in the moment decision to purchase clothes and shoes for the male,” the Atlanta Police Department shared. “Once the mild mannered and grateful man was fully dressed in his new shirt, pants, and shoes, he was on his way, and the officers drove off to wait for the next call.”

Bodycam footage of Nguyen’s trip to the Walmart store was obtained. Nguyen can be heard informing the Walmart clerk that the garments are not for him in the video. He is heard telling the cashier, “I met a person out there that needs some clothes, so I’m doing the best I can.”

Nguyen’s thoughtful act, according to the Atlanta Police Department, “demonstrated not only his professional expertise but genuine compassion and care for a fellow human being.”

“Newly sworn, Ofc. Prophete, had a different kind of training day, witnessing what it means to be an APD officer in real time,” the department also said in the post. “We could not be prouder of Ofc. Nguyen.”



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