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WATCH: Single Mom Who Returned Lost Wallet with $300 Gets Big Surprise

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As they were leaving a concert Melinda Wright and her daughters had just attended at the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC, they discovered a wallet containing $300, according to a story from News Center Maine on Thursday.

They discovered identity and the person’s address inside the wallet. The family mailed the wallet with a note and the money still inside since they knew it was their responsibility to return it to its rightful owner.

Wright had been discussing with her kids what it means to be kind to those around them a few hours prior to the concert.

She said everything is a teachable moment, and also noted that she is a single mother whose husband passed away not long ago.

According to Wright, doing the right thing in the situation was following the Golden Rule.

“Treat people the way you want to be treated. I would want somebody to return mine,” she explained.

The Golden Rule is a precept in the Bible’s Gospel of Matthew 7:12 which states, “In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you…” according to Britannica.

The wallet’s owner later shared the story of what happened on social media. Meanwhile on what appeared to be her Facebook page, Wright said, “Little did I know…this angel would post our story on Twitter and 2 million + ppl have seen it along with thousands of shares!!”

“Wow…look at God!!! I’ve had ppl from all over the country reaching out and thanking me for my ‘good deed.’ In reality…I was just doing what God told me to do,” she wrote.

Strangers have since asked for her CashApp information and reportedly sent her nearly $500 as a thank you. The single mom told reporters she put those funds away for her children.

Wright’s followers were quick to express their joy over the outcome, one person writing, “This is so you!!! God will always bless you and the girls!”

“Thank you soooo much again. You deserve it,” another commented.


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