Watch Police Officer Punch Man in the Head Nine Times While Restraining Him in Chokehold


A police officer has been filmed punching a man repeatedly in the head while restraining him in a chokehold on the ground.

Footage from a video on Tuesday, May 9 shows a man being pinned face down to the ground by a male and female police officer.


The male officer grabs the man around the neck with his arm and punches him nine times to the side of the head.



He could be seen struggling and groaning in pain as the female officer places him in handcuffs.


In a second clip, the man can be seen with a bloodied and swollen face as he is placed in a police van.


Welsh police arrested a 34-year-old man from the Pensyflog area of Porthmadog on Wednesday May 10, according to North Wales Police.


They said the man was taken to hospital for treatment before being transferred into custody.

A police spokesperson said: ‘We are aware of videos circulating on social media.


‘This matter is currently being fully investigated by North Wales Police and further updates will be issued in due course.’

Watch video below;


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